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So, I apologize for not updating this place in a while. But recently I’ve gotten an idea. 

Since it’s Ramadhan (A holy month in Islam where Muslims fast and try to devote themselves completely to Allah) I plan on posting pictures and recipe ideas of and for after Iftar/suhur. That is if I am not too busy because it’s Ramadhan. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN PHOTOS IF YOU’D LIKE=) !

P.s. Ramadhan Mubarak to all of you Muslims! May Allah accept your fast!

(Fotos are from:http://forum.xcitefun.net/iftar-party-from-dua-for-all-forum-family-t51322.htmlhttp://debbiegoestodubai.blogspot.com/http://theramadanblog.blogspot.com/2009/08/ramadan-iftar-recipes-tasty-food-from.htmlhttp://travelthemiddleeast.com/2011/08/iftar-in-jordan-and-morocco-unique-ideas/)

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